After Sales Support /Parts

We are committed to the sport of kite flying and want to do everything we can do to ensure your kite experience is wonderful. As such we are PLEASED to provide:

Telephone Support: Have a question about a kite you have purchased from us? Set Up? How to Fly it? Feel Free to call us at 403-332-0480 Monday – Saturday. 10am – 5pm Mountain Standard Time.


What goes up must come down and sometimes really hard! Broke something? We have access to parts for almost every kite built – Lots of parts!

  • Repair Service: We can provide quality repair service for every kite we sell. 
  • Parts: We have in stock or access to parts for just about every kite we sell. Need a part?

Email Us

Kite Flying Lessons: We are pleased to meet with local customers to provide personal instruction in the basic and more advanced flying techniques.  These are free of charge and we will meet in a public area to fly.  Please email us to make an appointment!