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9ft Levitation Delta Kite - Great Canadian Kite Company

9ft Levitation Delta Kite


Bigger is better

Combining 26 years of kite testing with Christoph Fokken is what it took to build the Levitation Delta Kite. Made of lightweight 40-denier ripstop nylon with a fiberglass frame, it has an oversized keel and trailing edge flap for stability. In light winds, bigger is definitely better. The 9-ft. delta kite hits a sweet spot. A gentle floater in light winds, it has a manageable pull when the wind comes up. 

Size: 274cm x 143cm

Wind range: 8 kph to 35 kph

Three tail attachment points.

Rec. Line 80 to 150-lb. Dacron line (not included)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Raymond D.
9 ft. Levitation Delta Kite Design stands out clearly high up

Fully sewn multi-colour Appliqué Levitation Delta kite from Into the Wind, first version released had a 2 piece cross bar spreader bar but was prone to breaking if stressed with high winds, this the second version has a 3 piece cross spreader bar making it stronger and more resilient to breaking in higher winds a major improvement. Also hard to find as this kite has been sold out everywhere for the last 2 years not sure if will ever been reissued. Glad I was able to acquire two before they are all gone. Three tail attachment points to add long beautiful tails to increase spectacle in big blue sky. I'm in Heaven. :^{D

Thanks Ray, The 9ft is lovely and I have been told that it will continue to be made. Currently we have a few available.

J T.
first real kite!

A lot to learn about wind on the Prairies. Very responsive for a 1 string kite. Most fun at about 50 ft in the air and winds over 7 mph and under 30mph. Excellent work out.

I wonder if JT meant to give it more than 1 star. :)

Phlyp Birch
Levitation 9ft. delta

Well made and flies in a light wind. A loop on the back spine tore at the seam first day out, but it seems to have little function, to me. Easy to assemble and launch... looks good with 3 long tails. Good quality storage sleeve.

Great kite, great service

I bought this kite to help train falcons for falconry, training won't be starting for a few months yet but I needed a new kite as my old one just doesn't cut it.
I have tested in different wind conditions and it preforms exactly as it should. The like is well made and should last years.
Thank you Great Canadian Kite Company for the awesome service

Thanks Ron! So happy we could help!