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Light wind sport kite

Maraca Mini - Light Wind Sport Kite


Light wind kite for great fun

 Maraca Mini by Spider Kites continues a grand yet almost forgotten tradition: small, delicate trick kites.

These kites can be used in conditions in which everyone else has packed up already. Maraca Mini performs the most beautiful hovering manoeuvres ever. Stalls, slides, helicopters, up and over,  lazy Susans, Pancakes, and slow Axel etc. are built in.

Less the wind can mean the more fun with the Macara Mini! Use short lines and this kite doesn't need much space: on the street, the backyard is enough.


Wingspan 138 cm
Height 59 cm
Sail Icarex Polyester
Frame Carbon rods 2.5 mm
Wind Range 1 - 15 kph
Flying Lines includes:
2x 65ft x 45lb Dyneema
& finger straps
Skill Level experienced