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Sista Sport Kite


The Sista is quite a simple design but yet very versatile. Even a single Sista is a lot of fun to fly in a wide wind range.

Extremely beginner friendly with always so little pull that we recommend the kite to children 7 years and older.

Did we mention the Sista can stack? As a stack, Sista is really sporty and fun. A simple connection system makes it easy to attach the add on kites. The connection lines are already attached. The original flying lines should be exchanged for stronger ones when three kites or more are used. A stack puts on a show! Add on kites coming soon!


Size: approx. 110 cm x 110 cm, includes a 14m long fabric tail
Wind: 10 - 35 Kph
Material: Fibreglass TUBE and Rip Stop Polyester

Line: included

  • This kite has a shipping length exceeding 100cm.  An over-sized shipping surcharge may apply.