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     John Barresi is up to new tricks .... again.  Designed by JB, the Kymera blends old and new school elements to produce both trick and precision ability in a wide wind range. Graceful side slides, jacobs ladders, spin landings to wap-do-waps, this is a true all-rounder fit for a fun day at the beach or serious competition. Built to drive and track with sharp, stable cornering when loaded up with a good wind, the Kymera is a great kite for tight banking turns and arcs with small powerful inputs, backed up by its smooth style throughout a wide range of tricks.

    This kite is packed with value including extend leader/tow points, tail and spine ballast sporting a thoughtfully balance full SkyShark frame.


    • Wingspan: 218cm
    • Height: 96.5cm
    • Sail: Icarex polyester 
    • Frame: Sky Shark



    • Case
    • Fixed 15-gram weight on the spine plus another one on the tail, plus two 5-gram tail weights to use in any combination that you choose. 
    • Lines: See line package.
      Please note at Great Canadian Kite Company our line packages use premium performance Shanti Speed line sets.  100% genuine spectra kite line, sleeved on a card winder.

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