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        Extensively tested by Damien Fontaine, Richard Debray and by Japanese pilots including Hiroshi Nakano and theyFree Shipping all agree that the Toxic is really a "novelty".    The Toxic surprises by its performance.  They wanted fluidity and trick-ability as usual: Easy Access!

    The goal is that all pilots experience the best kite in the world in there hands.  Expect access to all the latest tricks with ease, fluidity, flexibility and calm in its execution. It allows you to do tricks combination's as you can, as you want do and it will enhance your tricks level.
    R-SKY wants to take another step and offer a new kite experience, and interested?

      We offer the Toxic in the Sky Shark frame.


    • Innovative flight
    • Weight 15gr included
    • Three point bridle
    • New sleeve
    • New colours
    • Great Trick-ability



    • Dimensions : 225 x 87 cm  
    • Windrange : 5 to 28 km/h  
    • Sail : Icarex - Mylar  
    • Upper leading edge: P200
    • Lower leading edge: P3X
    • Lower spreaders: P3X
    • Whiskers: 3mm (4)
    • Spine: 6mm



    Damien Fontaine Krazy with Toxic from R-SKY on Vimeo.

  • Toxic
  • Toxic
  • Toxic
  • Toxic
  • Toxic

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