Multi Kite Bag by Revolution Kites - Smart, Secure and Efficient

Kite Bag by Revolution KitesBack by popular demand - The Revolution Multi Kite roll-up bag. Folks, these are VERY well made. More than a simple bag, it is packed with quality features. Heavy duty construction, attractive embroidery, beefy, durable clips and more. The outside also boasts a nice shoulder strap and good-sized zippered pocket ideal for car keys, sunscreen and various odds and ends.

Open this case up and you will be impressed with the efficient design - Space for at least 5 kites with a fold-over velcro cover to keep your gear in place. Each slot has quality mesh on the bottom so you can see what kites you have with you, and reduces the chance of the pockets to fill with sand/dirt or grass. There are also plenty of velcro mesh pockets for line sets and flying handles. I love this bag because you can see what you have at a glance. Reduces the instances of getting to the flying field and discovering that you forgot your handles or your vented Rev! (I know I'm not the only one to do this!!!)Kite Bag by Revolution Kites   

Folks, if you don't have 5+ Revs to fill it, you can carry many of your dual line kites in it as well. This Multi Kite Bag by Revolutions packs your gear safely, securely and smartly and is ideal for travel - car or airplane. Efficient and well thought out for the flying field!

If you are frustrated with your old sloppy bag where you have to dig and search for everything; then this kite bag is for you!

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