It's a Spring Thing - Revolution Reflex Kites

It's a Spring Thing - Revolution Reflex Kites

As many of you are probably aware, Revolution Kites introduced the Reflex models a little over 2 years ago.   This innovation brought some great new framing, sail designs and models.   They key to much of this kites incredible performance is a result of a small, seemingly simple addition of the Reflex Spring.

The Reflex Spring is attached to the vertical spreaders, and the effectively changing the way the sail loads and air moves over the sail.

I think this was an amazing step forward for the Beginner Rev flyer who doesn't Revolution Kites Reflex Springhave the benefit of seasoned quad-line flyers to help them get started.

Never quite content to settle for "good enough" the folks at Revolution Kites are constantly trying to make improvements to an already great product.   To this end, they have made a small tweak to the Reflex Spring design that will provide significant improvements. The Reflex Spring is:

Replaceable - In the odd situation where a spring might get damaged, now you can simply replace it without the need to purchase the vertical shaft along with it!  The new springs fits the stand 1/4" and Reflex 5/16" 

Removable -  In the case of of a broken shaft, the Reflex Spring can be removed and affixed to a new shaft even if that shaft was set up for an outer LE shaft.   No longer are you grounded because you have to re-order a new shaft!  This will keep you flying in 99% of situations.

Another benefit is you can fly your Revolution "Old School" with no spring in place,  which will provide a different flying experience.

Adjustable - you can also adjust the spring for various tensions - providing different sail loading characteristics and performance.

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