Weather Links for Kite Flying

Weather, Wind for Kite FlyingI have found since I have started flying kites that I have a greater interest in the weather.  Aside from taking a long hard gaze at every flag pole I pass,  I have come to find a couple of online weather sources really helpful.  here is a collection of weather related resources to help you plan your Kite flying activities!

Environment Canada - Quick and easy weather information by city.


Animated World Wind Map - a really cool website that allows you to find out wind speed, direction and temperature for your location and others around the world.  It shows in real-time wind patterns that may be of interest to kite flyers, kite surfers, snow kiters and other wind sports enthusiasts.


Truth be told, despite the best weather intelligence- you just never know for sure!  Living in Southern Alberta Canada, the wind for kite flying is often feast or famine.  I compensate for this by:

  • keeping a few kites in the car.  You never know when you may have some time to fly and the weather is right! 
  • I like to have some low wind, some standard and high wind kites - a kite for every wind!

So good luck!  And we sincerely wish you Smooth Winds!


A couple other helpful resources for Kite Flyers: