Hypnotist Sport Kite

$ 218.95

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High performance wing shape, durable frame. The Hypnotist combines the best of both for learning new tricks and everyday fun.

Prism combined the wing geometry of the competition-level Quantum Pro with the bulletproof frame design of the Quantum to create a performance hybrid with the balance of a competition kite but the durability to handle all the abuse you can dish out while you learn.

The impressive 8-foot wingspan makes it precise and forgiving, while its higher aspect ratio handles the latest freestyle moves like yo-yos with ease.



Wing Span: 236 cm

Wind Range: 6.5 - 40 Kph

Frame: Pultruded Carbon, Wrapped Carbon

Sail:  Ripstop Nylon, Mylar Laminate

Flying Line : 85' x 150 lbs Dyneema® dual line set with flying straps and card winder (incl.)

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