Tied to the Sky

  • Looking for A FreeStyle'er for the Lower Wind Days?

    Freestyle stunt kite for low windsWe have a gently used KFX LW in yellow. We have used this kite to demonstrate the amazing flight characteristics and performance of a legendary kite from a legendary kite maker! These kites are handmade in France with an attention to detail and innovation.                                            The KFX doesn't miss a beat with the latest tricks - Backspins, Multi-lazies, Yo-yo's, She'll take it all in stride! Looking for smooth precise arcs and angles and forms? Say "Hello" to the KFX!A new kite is always a learning adventure and the KFX is no exception.  This classic from R-Sky kites will awaken your inner FreeStyler in jaw-dropping ways! The Krystal FX will, no doubt, be the new step in that direction for you!  If you are looking for a great freestyle kite with uncanny precision, the KFX may just have your name on it!


    • Size: 210 x 90cm
    • Wind Range: 4 - 18 km/h 
    • Sail : Icarex Mylar
    • Upper leading edge: 3PT 
    • Lower leading edge: 3PT 
    • Lower spreaders: 3PT 
    • Whiskers: 3 mm (4) 
    • Spine: 6 mm 
    • Top Cross: 5 mm






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