Tied to the Sky / low wind kite

  • Glide Kites - Zero Wind Elegance

    No wind? No problem!   Glide kites are hugely popular for just this reason.   A combination of single line kite flying and the skill and interactiveness of stunt kite flying these tethered gliders float, spin stat all dive and glide on a puff of wind or a simple tug on the line.    This incredibly graceful for of kite flying is don up close and personal which makes it ideal for small spaces and indoor flying! One of our favourites is the Skate from the good folks at Into The Wind.  The Skate is a Paul de Bakkers design. Paul de...

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  • Looking for A FreeStyle'er for the Lower Wind Days?

    We have a gently used KFX LW in yellow. We have used this kite to demonstrate the amazing flight characteristics and performance of a legendary kite from a legendary kite maker! These kites are handmade in France with an attention to detail and innovation.                                            The KFX doesn't miss a beat with the latest tricks - Backspins, Multi-lazies, Yo-yo's, She'll take it all in stride! Looking for smooth precise arcs and angles and forms? Say "Hello" to the KFX!A new kite...

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  • Autumn Kite Flying on the Prairies

     Well it's official.  The summer of 2012 has officially ended giving way to autumn.  The leaves are changing color and falling from their soon-to-be sleeping hosts, and the smooth gentle winds blow them all into my yard!    I like autumn because with the crops all harvested the flying fields become abundant. The winds tend to come gently from the west and the south and have been 6 - 20 kph (between 4 and 12 mph) and on the lighter side I really enjoy a light wind kite - typically an UL or an SUL and away I go.   I like...

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