Flyin' with the Devil? Hold Tight!

Big two line kite!Looking for that epic kite?  Over 10ft of wingspan this Kite will curdle the blood of any pilot. Tremendous pull accompanied by tight loops and precise moves.Looking for shear power with speed? You want to try and restrain this Devil Wing? Then be warned that your fingers could get burned. This completely revised design means fireworks for the unwary with its speed and power!  This kite is not for the faint of heart!

The Devil Wing 3.2 will help even experienced pilots to discover and stretch their limits in no time.


Wingspan:  320cm
Height: 125 cm
Sail: Nylon
Frame: Carbon 10 & 12 mm
Line: 300lb x 75ft included
Wind: 4- 49 Kph
Age: +16

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