Neutrino Sport Kite

$ 95.95 $ 101.99

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There’s a new little speed demon on this side of the galaxy! The all-new Neutrino is super quick and super responsive – a twitch of the fingertip is all it takes for radically fast loops and spins as it rips through the sky. It’s a clean sheet redesign of the world famous Micron, with a bunch of new features for all kinds of new fun.

Snap on the long streamer tail to trace acrobatics in the sky.

Ready for an extra challenge? Try flying single-handed with the dual-purpose winder/control handle. Can you fly one kite in each hand?

Do you want to really want to impress a crowd? Clip two, three or more Neutrinos together in a synchronized stack.

A Complete 3 Stack Package includes a base Neutrino and 2 stacker kites (1 of each colour).

* Add-on Stacker kites include kite and tail with 4 stack lines pre-installed. They DO NOT include flying lines, winder, finger straps or standard bridle.  



Wing Span

Wind Range



Flying Lines