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Quantum 2.0 Sport Kite
Quantum 2.0 Sport Kite
Quantum 2.0 Sport Kite
Quantum 2.0 Sport Kite
Quantum 2.0 Sport Kite
Quantum 2.0 Sport Kite
Quantum 2.0 Sport Kite

Quantum 2.0 Sport Kite

$ 189.00 

Prism's goal was to keep everything pilots love about the Quantum while adding even more flight performance, some nice details to make them easier to use, and fun new graphics and colours just to freshen things up.

Prism has tweaked the wing shape to give the kite even better tracking and additional stability, improving the light wind performance without pro-level skills.

The Quantum 2.0 sports a new bridle - new geometry and added a super-quick, one-step bridle adjustment at the centre T so it’s a cinch to set your kite for different winds.

New bags - a new design that lets you roll them up and clip to a belt loop while you fly - no more bags blowing down the beach in the wind. An external pouch for your lineset keeps it from getting tangled, and on the Quantum bag a clever hidden extension sleeve pops out if you’re in a hurry and want to store your kite full-length without folding the leading edges.

The Quantum now features removable, colour-coded line attachment clips, so you can just pop off the clips if you prefer to attach lines with an old-school Lark’s head knot.

Same frame geometry, carbon rods and fittings so they’re backwards compatible - no new spare parts needed!


  • Wing Span: 213 cm
  • Wind Range: 10 – 40 km/h
  • Frame: Pultruded Carbon
  • Sail: Ripstop Nylon, Mylar Laminate
  • Flying Lines: 85′ × 150 lbs Spectra™ (Included)


  • Crash protection for new pilots - Innovative shock absorber in the tail and Kevlar-reinforced nose are designed to protect your kite from those unplanned landings.
    • Two-piece leading edge and spreaders - Lets you fold the kite down to 36" to fit in a suitcase or backpack.
    • Custom moulded leading edge connectors - Engineered to flex with the leading edge, these special ferrules prevent breakage at the stress point.


    Great Canadian Kite Company is an Authorized Prism Kite Dealer.