Performance Kite Line - Bulk

Shanti Kites

$ 37.00

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Want to make your own dual or quad kite line sets?
Performance Kite line sold in bulk on rolls.

In 1985, Shanti Kites invented Spectra kite line and began selling it under the trademark Speed Line. Speed line quickly became the world gold standard for high performance line. Though many companies have tried to imitate Shanti’s Speed line, none can match their smooth construction, low stretch and exceptional quality.  An efficient braid and attention to detail makes Shanti Speed line the best quality, longest lasting performance kite line for today's best stunt kites flying the playbook of old skool and new skool tricks!

SkyBond employs an amazing new coating which allows Shanti to work with some new high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) fibers. “High-modulus” is a comparative term which simply relates to a fibre’s strength-to-weight ratio.  So a “high-modulus” fiber is stronger and lighter than a fiber with a lower modulus rating.  Skybond has the highest modulus rating of any kite line Shanti has tested. For example: a 100 lb/test Skybond line is thinner than 90 lb/test Spectra, but it’s 10% stronger, and it costs about the same.  That’s a good deal. This new, neon-yellow coating uses a polymer-alloy which bonds to the fibers and protects them from damage, yet remains slippery.



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