6.5ft Flo-Tail GHOST Kite - White

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$ 95.00

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The Flo-Tail design provides excellent light wind capability of a regular delta combined with great stability in higher because of the long flowing tails. The tails are sewn from a special super-soft fabric that has a great optical effect when it connects with the wind. A nice big presence in the sky, this kite, and its spectacular tails can be seen a long way off!  Made of durable rip-stop polyester, taffeta, and a resilient fibreglass frame.


Size (W X L): 200 x 698 cm.
Wind Range: 10 ~ 40 kph
Fabric: Nylon
Frame: Carbon and Fiberglass
Line: 50lb x 300ft on d-winder included
This product has a shipping length of over 100cm. The Oversized surcharge is included in the price.

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