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7ft Levitation Delta Kite - Great Canadian Kite Company SALE
7ft Levitation Delta Kite - Great Canadian Kite Company SALE

7ft Levitation Delta Kite

$ 84.95 $ 89.00

Combining 26 years of kite testing with Christoph Fokken is what it took to build our Levitation Delta kites. Made of lightweight 40-denier ripstop nylon with fibreglass frames, they have oversized keels, trailing edge flaps for stability and three tail attachment points.

New: Spreader re-enforcement and Retaining loop on the spine significantly improve the durability of the spreader.

This kite loves flaky winds.


Dimensions: 213cm x 109cm

Sail: Ripstop Nylon

Frame: Fibreglass

Wind Range: 8 -40 kph

Line:  50lb - 80lb (not included)



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jim Miller
Great beginner single-line kite

This is the first kite I bought from Mike. He recommended the Levitation as a very easy flyer, and wow, it really is! It flies in lighter winds, and also flies well with a 20 ft tube tail. I have broken two spars already, so you have to be careful to not fly it in stronger wind. The kite will easily climb to 300 ft. I think it is so forgiving because the trailing edge is flexible and spills a lot of wind. I recommend this kite, but maybe get some spare spars just in case.

It Wants To Fly

Took my Levitation out again. Turning out to be a favourite. Walking it out to the field it just wanted to go. it was hanging there in the air at just a few yards. When I let it go it just took off, up, up and away. Let the complete line out and it wanted more. Nice pull, handle sits firm in the hand. Considering getting the larger/largest Levitation. Maybe double the fun.

Nancy Smith
My New Favourite

Bought this kite for myself as I wanted something big and bold and easy for the lazy days. Turned out to be a favourite with the grand kids. Very easy and quick to assemble and fly. Simple and quick to launch, even low wind doesn't really require two people. Prompt delivery and communication from The Great Canadian Kite Company.

Lorenzo B.
Best kite ever.

Took it out yesterday and flew it while fishing, frozen lakes are great for this. Wind was steady but not over 15km. Kite took off easily and stayed there. Had to tie it off a few times while looking after lines and it was an impressive sight on a clear winter sky. Brought in lookers from around lake. Great pass time between catching fish. Love this kite.