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Frustrationless Flyer Kite Kit - Great Canadian Kite Company
Frustrationless Flyer Kite Kit - Great Canadian Kite Company

Frustrationless Flyer Kite Kit

$ 75.00 

These simple, easy to build and fly kite-making kits are ideal for the classroom or as a creative family activity. Each kit comes complete with everything you need to build and fly your kite with easy to follow directions!  They can be purchased in packages of 10 or 20. 

These quality kite-making kits combine a variety aspects to make a well rounded, fun, and informative classroom project.  We sell tons of these to happy teachers.

Size: 70 cm x 56 cm

  • Decorate using felt markers or acrylic paints make for a great classroom kite as making project!
  • Made of Tyvek which is tear-resistant and waterproof
  • Great Quality and will last for years!
  • Pre-Cut Pieces
  • Comes with line on plastic winder

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Karen S.

I think these kites are fabulous. Easy to decorate, easy to make, easy to use. Efficient delivery from Great Canadian Kite Company. Great experience!

Peter M.
Great Kites for my Grade 6 Class

I use these kites every year to teach the concepts of lift and angle of attack during my Grade 6 Flight Unit. The students have a great time assembling them, decorating them, and then learning about lift and angle of attack as they fly their kites on the soccer field here at school. They absolutely love the activity and I love all the science and art curriculum they are covering not to mention the physical exercise they are getting as they joyfully run around outside seeing which kite will go the highest. This is a great product that has never let me down.

Kim J.
Built and flown by Kindergartens and Grade 6 buddies

We ordered 43 kites for our big and little Learning Buddies. They went together easily and the students loved decorating and flying them. My only wish is that you could order exact numbers as we had to order (and pay for) 7 extra kites that we didn't need.

Teresa C.
Kite kits

Fantastic! Called on a Saturday and was treated with exceptional service.