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KAP Foil 3.0 Kite - Great Canadian Kite Company

KAP Foil 3.0 Kite

$ 335.00 

Kite aerial photography (KAP) is photography generated by lifting a camera into the sky via a kite. The camera (Like a Go-Pro) is triggered either remotely or automatically to take an aerial shot. With this elevated view, pilots can capture landscapes, objects, architecture, and people in entirely new ways. 

These KAP Foils developed by German kite enthusiast Ralf Beutnagel are reliable and very stable lifter kites for a camera rig, line laundry or fly on its own. The wind range of the KAP Foil is fairly wide.

  •  12m (39ft.) fringe tail incl.
  • No camera?  Great to fly on its own or to lift line laundry!


  WIDTH:   180 cm
  HEIGHT:   160 cm
  MATERIAL:   Ripstop-Nylon
  FRAME:   N/A
  LINE:   RECOMMENDED: 265lb  (not included)
  WIND RANGE:   2-6 Bft (9-47km/hr ; 6-29 mph)
  AGE:   14+
  • KAP Foils generate enormous pull. For experienced pilots only. Strict observation of mentioned age and wind range is highly recommended.
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