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Reflex RX Spider Web - Quad line Kite - Yellow - Great Canadian Kite Company

Reflex RX Spider Web - Quad line Kite - Yellow

$ 517.99 

Feel the adrenaline of soaring through the sky at 8-42 kph and beyond on those higher wind days with the wind-ready Reflex RX Spider! Its super responsive Rev control combined with its lightweight 5/16" stiff carbon fiber frame give you smooth, controlled flight no matter how gusty it gets.

Plus, you can show off your skills with reversible, side sliding, and floating maneuvers that are easy to learn and a blast to execute. Redefine the arts of kiting with the 'vented' open panel design, reinforced sail, and monochromatic coloring of the Reflex RX Spider -- and experience awesomeness like never before.


The Reflex RX Spider is a great all-around model in winds over 8 kph.

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  • Size: 236cm x 81.3cm (93" x 32")
  • Sail with Reflex frame
  • Icarex Rip-Stop Sail Cloth
  • 1 Replacement Shaft
  • New Carbon Light handles with multi-knot settings
  • Sleeve
  • Rev Training DVD
  • Instructions
  • Bonus: a FREE replacement shaft included