Glide Kites - Zero Wind Elegance

No wind? No problem!   Glide kites are hugely popular for just this reason.   A combination of single line kite flyingGlide Kite Skate - Paul de Bakker and the skill and interactiveness of stunt kite flying these tethered gliders float, spin stat all dive and glide on a puff of wind or a simple tug on the line.    This incredibly graceful for of kite flying is don up close and personal which makes it ideal for small spaces and indoor flying!

One of our favourites is the Skate from the good folks at Into The Wind.  The Skate is a Paul de Bakkers design. Paul de Bakker's Skate is flown by many top indoor competitors. Adding grace and elegance every place you fly, it turns kiteflying into performance art. Its nose pocket accepts one to three coins, allowing you to tune it for indoor or outdoor conditions, add weight to the nose to make it glide. Remove the coins to fly it as a kite in 0 to 6 mph winds.

See it in action!


Skate Specs.

Wing Span: 162cm

Height: 123cm

Sail: 0.6 oz. Ripstop Polyester

Frame: Micro-Carbon rods

Line: 100ft x 50lb Dynema included.

Wind Range: 0 - 9kph

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