Why People Choose Great Canadian Kite Company?

Repeat business, and customer referrals from happy satisfied customers like you help us continue to offer quality, affordable kites and kite accessories. Your kite flying experience should be awesome and our goal is to help you get the most out of the products you need and want.  We don’t just sell kites, we fly them too.  We are small town folks, with small town values like honesty, integrity and hard work.  It’s no accident that we work hardto provide professional service, and an e-shopping experience that provides value to you.

Here are just three ways we add value to your purchase with Great Canadian Kite Company!

We sell great kites!  We are really serious about this.  We work with reputable kite manufacturers who stand behind their products and have inventory for parts.  

We choose kites that provide great value  performance and quality at a fair price.  We don't raise prices only to put them on sale, nor do we increase our prices to offer free shipping!

No hassle shipping!  Some competitors offer free shipping but check the fine print!  Often these offers don't include Canada and often don't mention the custom brokerage costs when the kite is delivered.



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