Getting the most from your Revolution Reflex

With kites, it is often small things that make a big difference, like a small change in a bridle setting, a slight change in weight distribution can have significant impact on a kites performance.

As many of you are probably aware, Revolution Kites introduced  the Reflex models late last year.   These models brought some great new framing, sail designs and models.   They key to much of this kites incredible performance is a result of a small, seemingly simple addition of the Reflex Spring.

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The Reflex Spring is attached to the vertical spreaders, and the effectively changing the way the sail loads and air moves over the sail.   I think this was am amazing step forward for the Beginner Rev flyer who doesn't have the benefit of seasoned quad-line flyers to help them get started.

A great resources to that end:

Rev Club 38

After 25+ years of watching Rev flyers, the folks at Revolution noticed that not everyone who flies a Rev is getting all the fun and thrill they should out of their Revolution.  That is what has inspired Rev Club 38.
In Club 38 you are going to learn to master 38 moves split into 8 levels. Rev Club 38 take you from setup all the way to the most advanced capabilities of the Revolution. The levels progress building on the previous moves. At the end of the level you will be taught a pattern, which encompasses all of the moves for that level, and there will also be a fun challenge to play with!   Check out the website!

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  • Mike - December 31, 2021

    Thanks for the comment Lester – we have Revolution Travel frames with totes that pack down to 50cm in length for super easy travel. Here’s a link for more travel:

  • Lester Ray Miller - December 31, 2021

    What is you best and smallest break down kite for traveling on a motor cycle?

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