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Wind Ranges for Kites - What to think!

Andrea of Great Canadian Kite Company flying her Revolution kiteI remember as a kid trying to fly kites that you had to run like mad just to keep them aloft. It made for a very frustrating experience. One exception from my childhood was a delta shaped black plastic kite that you affixed adhesive eyes too. These fiery eyes made it look pretty cool, and you know, if flew pretty well!

As fun as that kite was, being made of plastic it didn't last very long! When we started the Great Canadian Kite Company (read our story here) we wanted to make sure that we sold a quality product that flew well and was built to be durable by quality kite standards. As such, all the kites we have chosen are from reputable manufacturers with proven designs that fly in the stated conditions.

But even then... what does a wind range really mean? A wind range is given to communicate the wind speed necessary to fly the given kite. So a range of 10 - 40 kph means that the kite is capable of flying in winds as low as 10 Kph to an upper limit of 40 kph.

The upper range can be a little more flexible if just flying the kite is the priority. When kites fly in winds above the range, they will often become much faster, harder to control, pull too hard and difficult to trick. Too much wind will rip stitches and fabric, or break framing and line. It also can increase the potential for damage with hard crashes.

In higher winds you can add wind brakes or add tails, and this will often raise the upper limit.

The Echo light wind kiteSometimes, especially with stunt kites (especially low wind or Indoor) you see a lower wind range of zero or 5 or 8 or 10 kph. Low wind kite flying is an art as much as it is a science and many manufacturers when establishing the lower end of the wind range have folks testing it who are really good pilots!

So can the kites fly at those low ranges? You bet. Can anybody fly them in the low range - not always right away but with some practice you can learn to keep your kite aloft at the lowest wind ranges. So to that end, as kite professionals, we are here to offer you a thoughtful recommendation on the kinds of kites and kite accessories that will get you in the air with the goal of providing the best kite flying experience we can!

Great Canadian Kite Company also have some Resources for the Kite Flyer:

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National Kite Day - Just what I needed!

February 8 and I discover it is National Kite Day.   February? Kites?  Maybe for the the adrenaline junkies racing across the snow pulled by large traction kites, or perhaps for the lucky folks in southern climates where cold and snow are not a reality - but February 8th in Southern Alberta?

Well, God was smiling upon this prairie boy today with a gorgeous sunny day at a balmy +16 degrees Celsius and a lovely west wind  about 20 kph.   The flying field was clear and dry - so I couldn't have asked for a better day in February!

I started off with a new favourite - the Toxic by R-Sky.  Such a sexy dual-line kite, tuned right in and she snapped to attention.   Had times where I would toss it around the sky to the delight of the children in the school yard across the way as they pressed up against the chain link to watch the Toxic strut her stuff.  Lots of cheers from the pint-sized audience!  Made this kite flying hack feel like a pro!

The recess bell rang and the children returned to class and the I started practicing forms, and a few more graceful patterns.  It has been a long while since I had opportunity to enjoy an extended period of time to fly.

As you probable know - a kite day is not complete without some time with Revolution quad line kite.  The winds had diminished to about 12-15kph so I chose one of my favourites - a full sail1.5 with a 3 wrap frame in our shop colours O'Canada.   Talk about therapeutic!  OMG - sail loaded so nicely, the wind wasn't too trashy at all.   I was a bit concerned that my injured right arm would struggle with control but even my body chose to be gracious on this lovely day.   I like Revs for so many reasons,  I like the precision, the outa box unidirectional control, introverted flying , stop at a dime, and the way they hover, like they are nailed to the sky.

(The only bummer was couldn't find the power cord to my video camera to get the battery charge and shoot some video.  I'd like to blame my kid... but truth be told... I think I'm the guilty party.)

FYI - used Shanti Warp Speed line on both kites today.  Love Shanti line - performs greats, lasts forever!

A fantastic day - and the good news... the rest of the week is looking even better!  I hope that wherever you are that you have time to get out and fly whatever puts a smile on your face!

Smooth Winds.


P.S. - April is National Kite Month!

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Christmas Kite Shipping


Kites make great Christmas gifts!  

There is still plenty of time to order and receive your new kite for Christmas.  We have extra packers available to help with the increased rush to help get your kites packed quickly and securely!

Our standard shipping, you can expect delivery to the following areas in approximately:

Western Canada 

  • BC 3-5 business days  
  • AB 2-3 business days
  • SK 3-4 business days
  • MB 3-5 business days

Central Canada

  • Ont 5-7 business days
  • Que 6-8 business days

Maritimes: 7-9 business days

We are also pleased to offer Xpress Post which delivers to many areas in Canada in 3 business days!  Your shipping options are available to choose during the check-out process.

American Customers - you can expect 8 -13 business days for delivery depending on your State.

Short on time?  Not sure what to purchase?  Consider our NEW GIFT CARDS  

We look forward to serving you this Christmas Season!  Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your kite and shipping questions - feel free to email us for prompt reply or call us Toll Free at 1-877-382-3956

 Thank you for your business, and we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous 2014!

The Rose's

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Elite Kites & More on Sale this week at Great Canadian Kite Co.

 Boxing Day Kite SaleWell the big day has come and gone, and we hope it was the best Christmas ever for you!   To keep the fun rolling we are offering two sales, offering our already competitively priced Kites at even greater savings!

Sale # 1 is a general Kite sale on all single line, beginner stunt kites, traction kites and accessories.  Take 10% all in stock items in these categories!

Discount Code at time of checkout "Boxing Day Sale 2012"

Sale # 2 If this is not enough to get you soaring we are offering a whopping 15% off all instock Elite Kites include the B-Series Revolution Kites, R-Sky and Kitehouse!  

Discount Code at time of checkout "Elite Stunt Kites"

Bonus!!  On order OVER $200 you also get FREE SHIPPING!

This sale ends December 31, 2012 at 6pm MST. No Rain checks on instock items only!

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