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Shipping Times - Christmas 2016

Kites for Christmas

The Christmas shopping season is in full swing!  In effort to assist our customers better prepare, we have prepared a quick guide to provide approximate shipping times per region.  While these are approximations (not guarantees) they will help you better judge delivery dates for your purchases from Great Canadian Kite Company.

Track your Order

All our orders (with the exception of letter mail) are sent a tracking number and you can track the progress of your parcel along with an estimated delivery date.  This feature is courtesy of Canada Post.  Our system also sends of delivery notifications as well, helping you stay on top of the delivery.

Quick Tip:

At Christmas, Canada Post typically schedules extra delivery people to handle the increased volume and they work hard to make sure holiday parcels arrive in as timely a manner as possible.  Last year, for example, we had customers report deliveries in the evening and on the weekend!  While this is completely Canada Post service,  we encourage our customers to ship to a residential address (where possible)  and not to your office address as Canada Post presumes offices are closed after hours and on weekends.

Expedited Shipping
Alberta 1-2 Business Days 1-2 Business days
BC / Sask / Man. 2-4 Business Days 2-3 Business Days
Ontario / Quebec 5-7 Business Days 3 Business Days
Maritimes 7-9 Business Days 3 Business Days
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Weather Links

Weather for KitesI have found since I have started flying kites that I have a greater interest in the weather.  Aside from taking a long hard gaze at every flag pole I pass,  I have come to find a couple of online weather sources really helpful.

Environment Canada's weather site.  Find weather, wind speed and direction by city and town in Canada.  A great tool for kite flyers!

Wind Energy Atlas "aims at developing new meteorological tools to be used by Canada's wind energy industry. It offers the possibility to browse through the results of the numerical simulations that were run on all of Canada in order to determine its wind energy potential. Consultants and the general public will find here valuable data about this promising renewable energy."  Good source of wind information!  

Launch Code "is the premiere weather forecast source for sport aviation pilots. The forecast data is read 'real-time' from the National Weather Service Aviation web site. This data is adjusted to the local time zone and converted into a graphical format.  With over 1000 locations across the country to choose from including Hawaii and Alaska, you can probably find a Launch Code station near you."  GO THERE

Truth be told, despite the best weather intelligence- you just never know for sure!  Living in Southern Alberta Canada, the wind for kite flying is often feast or famine.  I compensate for this by: a) keeping a few kites in the car.  You never know when you may have some time to fly and the weather is right! b) I like to have some low wind, some standard and high wind kites - a kite for every wind!

So good luck!  And we sincerely wish you Smooth Winds!

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What is a Wind Shadow and how it impacts Kites

What is a Wind Shadow and how it impacts Kites

Choosing an appropriate flying location for your kites is often given little thought.  For many, they look at the trees or a flag flapping in the breeze and decide to head to their local green space to fly kites. But did you know that the landscape (topography) of the flying locations has a huge impact on your kite performance?

Trees, hills, and buildings affect the quality of the wind you have in the typical flying zone and can thwart the successful launch of even some of the best kites.  On the prairies, I often describe the wind as "trashy" and by this mean it is not smooth, rather it is gusty or rolling and choppy. 

There is another term to describe this phenomenon - Wind Shadow.  Wind Shadow is the term used to describe the disturbed airflow downwind of obstructions like trees, hills and buildings.  

Think of it this way; have you ever stood behind a tree or a building to escape  a cold wind?   The obstacle blocks the wind forcing the airflow to go around, under or over the obstacle. It is this air movement that creates disturbed (flakey, choppy, trashy) air flow.  This wind is often swirling and rotating which can sometimes create down drafts that can keep your kite from taking flight.

Learn more: Understanding the Wind Window

Flying field selection is key and this means being aware of what's around you.  The rule of thumb is a wind shadow is approximately 7 times the height of the obstacle.  So, if a building is 20ft tall, it is a good idea to launch your kite 140ft down wind of the building.


Wind shadow affect on kites

Careful flying field selection and paying attention to recommended kite wind ranges becomes even more important when we fly performance stunt kites - where we are looking for smooth steady airflow. It becomes a significant safety consideration when flying large traction kites.  Being aware of the impact of the Wind Shadow can go a long way to making your kite flying successful!

At Great Canadian Kite Company, not only do we we pride ourselves in providing a variety of quality kites for many different interests, ages and abilities, we also want to do our best to make sure your kite flying experience is great, and that means we do our best to provide a selection of kite flying tips and advice in our Kite Resources section. Browse our online Canadian kite shop to buy your kites online. We ship throughout Canada.  

Don't see what you are looking for? Have a kite related question?  
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Join the American Kitefliers Association (AKA)


American Kite Fliers AssociationFounded in 1964 by the late Robert M. Ingraham of New Mexico, the American Kitefliers Association (AKA) has thousands of members in 25 countries, making it the largest association of kite fliers and kite clubs in the world. Our purpose is to educate the public in the art, history, technology, and practice of building and flying kites - to advance the joys and values of kiting in all nations.

We strive to promote public awareness of the pleasures and educational opportunities that kites provide. They can remind us about how we interact with our environment and each other. Kites can be a source of community building, breaking down barriers that typically prevent us from interacting. No words are needed to fly a kite!

Learn More about the AKA

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Assembling Your HQ Butterfly Kite

My boys set to work to produce this informative video on how to set up the HQ Butterfly kite.  These beauties are pretty simple to assemble and these few tips will help you avoid a few common assemble mistakes!
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