Kites for Christmas! 5 Reasons Kites make great gifts



4D Kite by Prism KitesMany folks are looking for quality gift ideas for Christmas this year.  We know that kites are one such gift idea and it is a fun, enjoyable and here are a few reasons why.

1) Fresh air is underrated!  How good it is to get outside enjoy the blue sky, the sun and the great outdoors.  We fly kites all year round - including winter!



2) Physically active - Getting out and moving does a body good! There is a kite for just about every kind of physical ability from the gentle to the full on extreme - glide kites,  single line kites to carving up the sky with a trick kite or getting your adrenaline fix with Snow Kites!

3) Reduces Stress -  Getting away from the day to day grind is a first great step for stress reduction.  Add the gentle flight of kites on the breeze or flying your stress through your stunt kite through the sky, flying kites have demonstrated to be an effective way of reducing stress.

Kailua light wind kite4) Promotes creativity - Many quality kites are flying pieces of art and many with tails make for a lovely display in the air.   But stunt kites can be a great way to express yourself as well!  I love to listen to music while I fly and in a very real sense fly my kite to the music.   Some folks like to soul fly and toss and flip and maneuver their kites as an expression of what's going on inside them.

5) Great way to spend time as a family - Let's face it, there are a lot of things competing for your time, and we want to make time for quality activities to do as a family.   With quality kites, a good wind and a place to fly, you and your family can make some great memories!  One thing my wife and I enjoy doing together is flying our four line Revolution kites together, side by side.  We play follow the leader, hover side by side and fly forms together.  Lots of fun and good for a few laughs if you don't take it too seriously!

Looking for exciting Christmas gifts? Great Canadian Kite Company sells a variety of kite for many different interests, ages, and abilities. Browse our online Canadian kite shop to buy your kites online.  Don't see what you are looking for?  Email Us

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