16 years Retailing Amazing Kites

16 years Retailing Amazing Kites

kites are memory makers

Taking care of business this week and came across some old files and was startled to be reminded that we've been selling great kites for 16 years now!   What a ride!

I share my own story of how I got into kites myself back in the day, and why we decided to start selling kites - the big reason is we LOVE flying kites of all kinds.  

I guess if I had to share my favourite kind of kites, I really enjoy the two-line kites and the quad-line kites.   I find the thrill and elegances of these kites at the end of the lines amazing.  I put my earbuds in and paint the sky with colour.  For me, when I fly kites, it takes me a million miles away from the nagging things of the day - it's like I fly my stress out through the kite lines.

Flying sport kites gives me a creative outlet as well as a good hit of adrenaline as I fly and learn new tricks and forms.

We have so many fond memories flying with our three boys, each of whom still fly kites and help out with our family-owned kite shop.

Of course, our online kite store has grown significantly over the years, and has done so because of the many, many, many repeat customers.  So, as we start year 16 with Thank you!

We are committed to great products, service and support for kite flyers of all sorts. We love kite flying and continue to share that joy with others.

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